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Social Media Or Seo Which Brings Better Traffic ?

Well depends on your target audience and your type of product you can go to SEO for stable traffic but in order to get the first boost you need Social media kick.

According to our data , good quality traffic distinguish if you use the both option in a harmony and a right sequence you will get a better traffic.

With an example lets say you have a content to show the people or get some traffic on it.First you need the deploy your content second iniatiate your first boost from social media and stop there cause if the traffic is not rising its a dead end you have some problems over content or you are tapping the wrong channels.If not continue with other content for SEO the trick is after the first kick convert the social media traffic into SEO which makes brands of today successful.

Another approach is creation your traffic in both ways (social to web – web to social) to circulate the traffic in a closed loop only let the new traffic inside the loop.As long as you succeed that you are creating your funnel of traffic.

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  1. Both social media and SEO are essential for driving traffic to a website. Social media platforms allow businesses to engage with their audience, share content, and build brand awareness. On the other hand, SEO focuses on optimizing a website to drive organic traffic from search engines. While social media can bring immediate traffic through shares and likes, SEO provides long-term benefits by improving search engine rankings and generating consistent organic traffic. Therefore, a combination of both social media and SEO strategies is the most effective approach to maximize website traffic and reach a wider audience. i saw your The Advantages Of Working With A Social Media Agency!!

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