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Page AID is a  system eliminating most important problem in digital marketing space initial budget optimization and Campaign Management in Programmatic and Paid ad networks. 

This functionaly assured with Ad intelligence database in other words previous advertisers using Page products data being stored in the Ad Database by Keyword, Region, Language, 3967 Sectors differentiated in Niche, Retail, Service relevant  industries

One of the key offerings of Page Labs is the Ad Intelligence Database, which is a continuously updated database containing metrics and insights on various advertising campaigns. This allows Page users to optimize their ads and achieve more effective campaign results, without wasting time and budget on manual optimization or waiting to optimize in Bidding System with this difference Best Bidding and Regional Impact already being known by AID system.

AID system works with Paid Marketing and Programmatic marketing yet Page Tools also communicate with AID to optimize the Web or Social Media relevant Marketing Campaigns

So far 5 Paid network such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter (X),  Youtube, Linkedin

And 32 Programmatic Marketing Companies like Zeropark, Pushground, EVADAV and so on.

11 Page Tools integrated to optimize the general outcome and support ad campaigns.

AID Database updates in every 6 hours.



Standart Campaign Management


With A.I.D Campaign Management


Metrics optimizing the Campaign and Campaign optimizes the Engine

Cross Advertising Network Information has been transferred into any network you advertise with this feature any Ad network also been used for optimal impact on Marketing Campaigns you Publish using AID.

AID knows a previously optimized campaigns with filtered information so cost optimization starts even before marketing campaign started you save in average of 5-21 %. After campaign deployment AID optimize the budget and campaign management

AID  was created when Ad Autopilot system Developed by Page Labs original idea was connecting web, Paid , Social  and tools managed by one supervision program constantly optimize by real time data from vendors and impact ratio on Networks. After being deployed on AD Autopilot , AID became a seperate entity and managed by Ad Autopilot Team


**Ad Intelligence Database:** A continuously updated database that includes comprehensive information on various advertising campaign metrics and insights. This feature allows users to optimize their ads for better campaign results.

**Cross-Network Information Transfer:** Information and data from multiple advertising networks can be transferred into any network you choose to advertise on using AID. This provides optimal impact on any Marketing Campaigns you publish utilizing AID.

**Initial Budget & Campaign Optimization:** AID optimizes your budget before your advertising campaign even commences, providing an average cost-saving of 5-21%. This prevents wastage of time and money on manual optimization or waiting to optimize in a bidding system.

**Compatible with Multiple Advertising Platforms:** The AID system has so far worked with 5 paid networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and 32 programmatic marketing companies like Zeropark, Pushground, EVADAV, and more.

**Integration with Page Tools:** AID system integrates with other Page tools to optimize Web or Social Media relevant Marketing Campaigns. AID remembers the last optimal entry for the campaign.

**Frequent Updates:** The AID database updates every 6 hours, ensuring that you have the most recent data at your fingertips to make informed decisions.

Chapter 1.
I Am Born

The AID was created by the innovative team at Page Labs as part of their Ad Autopilot system. The team saw the need for a centralized database to collect, categorize, and analyze data from previous advertising campaigns. This intelligent database could then use this information to help advertisers optimize their ads for more effective results, even before the beginning of each campaign which leads to significant cost savings.

Recognizing the potential of this centralized intelligence, the Page Labs team separated AID as a standalone system, continuously managed and updated by the Ad Autopilot Team.

Now, as far as machine learning is concerned, it is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses statistical techniques to enable systems to learn from data and improve with experience, without being explicitly programmed.

In the case of AID, machine learning is instrumental in its capabilities. With the amount of data coming into the AID system from various campaigns across platforms and industries, it is virtually impossible for humans to draw any meaningful insights in a reasonable time frame. Here, machine learning algorithms kick into action. They analyze the data, learn patterns, understand what worked in the past, and what did not. These algorithms can predict what kind of ads would work best for a particular audience, platform, and industry based on historical data.

Over time, as more data is collected and fed into the system, the accuracy of these predictions improves due to the self-learning nature of machine learning. Thus, making AID far more capable and efficient than its counterparts.

In comparison to other networks, AID isn’t just about dispatching ads but is about learning from historical data, predicting future trends, and optimizing ads in real-time. Hence, it can deliver faster, smarter, and more cost-efficient advertising solutions.