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Fully Automated

Cross Platform Ad Manager

Web, Paid and Social control from one Page

What is Ad Autopilot ?

Page Ad Autopilot is an all-in-one digital marketing automation platform that simplifies and streamlines the entire process of managing, optimizing, and scaling digital marketing campaigns. With Page Ad Autopilot, you can quickly and easily create, manage, optimize, and track campaigns across multiple platforms, including web ads, programmatic marketing, paid marketing, and social media management.

How It Works ?

Step 1

In this stage Industry and Country selection passed to Autopilot Engine updating to a latest metric. Required Platforms and Services scheduled for the Optimised for Roadmap.

Step 2

According to Roadmap, campaign selection is made in this step Constant , Quick , Periodic campaign types can be choose for designated timeframe and level of marketing.

Step 3

After Campaign type determined details like Timeframe , Budget , Visuals , and Landing Connections being entering in this section.

Platforms In Control

Page Ad Autopilot also makes it easy to scale digital marketing campaigns. By connecting to six different Page API’s, and Web, Social, Paid marketing channels already integrated and managed by Ad Autopilot. This makes it easy to increase reach and make sure your campaigns are seen by the right people.


Ad Autopilot have the ability to control your Programmatic Ads campaign through Page Ads.


Controls the Paid Ads campaign in Google ADS, Meta ADS, LinkedIn ADS, Twitter ADS , Tiktok 


Research, Create, Deploy a Social Media Campaign from Page Social.For the best audience

+6 Tools

Tools like VIDAi+ , UCA more than 6 different tools to manage content creation process.

Integrated Services

Additional Tools Worked Along With Ad Autopilot



AI Video Automation Tool – Cross Connection with Existing Social Media Accounts from Dashboard



Unified Content API – Use unique comments to boost your SEO on 42 languages related with your business model over 19 categories

Page Direct

Page Direct

Social Media Programmatic Ads – Advertise or Monetize through social media accounts. 9x Cheaper Compare to conventional Paid Marketing.



Comment Text API – 2217 and counting Unique source to chose from dedicated only to your project. 8x faster SEO compare to bots and feeds – Contents over 21 categories.



Page Unified Messaging API – Handle Messaging Traffic Whatsapp, Telegram , Viber Shout out UNLIMITED number of campaign messages.



Social Connectivity API –

Publish and schedule plan your posts with ease. Engage customers manage incoming messages from multiple social channels.

Fully Automated

At its core, Page Ad Autopilot is a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to control and monitor every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns in one place. With the dashboard, you can easily measure the performance of campaigns, keep track of spending, and determine the impact of your digital marketing efforts. Additionally, the dashboard provides a detailed analytics suite that allows you to analyze your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

Usage Stats

Web 58%
Social 37%
Paid 81%
Page Tools 49%

Cross Platform Ad Automation

Finally, Page Ad Autopilot includes a range of automation features that allow you to automate the entire process of managing and optimizing your campaigns. From automating research to calculating the impact of campaigns, Page Ad Autopilot enables you to do everything with just a few clicks. This makes it easy to manage campaigns efficiently and maximize the return on investment.


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