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Synthetic SEO Outcomes ? What really affects the SEO and traffic when we approaching to 2023 ?

As you know SEO rules changing faster than content itself , in 2023 rules gonna change again but when everyone try to adapt the changes is there better question to ask ? How to solve it for good !

Well content is the key but due to recent changes google disassemble most of the bot related content and flagged them.How to solve is fairly easy step up in the game ! is the best approach and how to determine the future changes ? According our research, checked the latest 3 year changes we ended up with one conclusion Google like to see problem solving but not the content itself for example : How to find the best pizza parlour normally you ended up with pizza places but if you alter the question like How to determine X pizza parlour is good enough ? that question leads to conversation to somewhere else and that creates another problem to solve right ? That is the main idea create your content in a way to first mentions the problem and people should collaborate with even more questions.Google cant differentiate what the content means they just categorized and check the metrics and how people react.

That situation leads to another question , everyday policies changing with harder conditions but google needs to index and accept the content eventually in their search algorithms.

Actuall problem is number of content is increasing rapidly internet grows everyday 0.2795 % and with exponential rate of %3 creating a massive problem sorting out the good content our future prediction for the web unique problems gonna get the best traffic.How to get that traffic its easy write the problems gonna happen soon for example dynamic and constant problems.

Dynamic problems such as after the storm hit home repair and example for constant problem workspace related problems.Not just the niche but the mainstream problems gonna happen in the future.

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