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Custom Development Requests Over Digital Marketing 


What kind of projects we can develop : We willing to comply your requests over Digital Marketing Solutions like API development and connectivity with your services.

Also we have interest over existing Page API services to adapt with your third party applications..

*When it comes to  special requests we can move forward after discussion with  our existing timeframe.

Digital Services we especially interested in are the unique projects can create the interaction over web in this case we willing to use our properiatery technologies to make something new to build , give the license on that project for free according to our aggrement.

Right now team able to  handle 2-4 integrations per month with third party applications.

For your requests

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Custom Development Requests Over Ad Network


We will be very pleased partnering up with firms in same operating area such Monetization and Advertising Firms  right now we got 7 partnership over the  Programmatic and Guest Posting , all 7 is rented out with certain criteria to those firms to not to breach with our compliance.

Projects we interested especially the push notification and in-page type of advertisement and project over this area.We have a already developed and tested algorithm to distribute the content better to those targeted audience.

Also projects over new type of digital marketing and alternatives to existing ones.

For your requests 


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