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Page Media offers a wide variety of advertisement types to cater to your branding needs, each having its unique advantages and suitable purposes:

Serving across six continents, we provide a massive network of over 500,000 billboard locations facilitated through 76 geo serving on platforms such as Digital Billboards, Indoor Digital, Roadside Billboards, and Moving Billboards (Vehicle Attached).

These are large outdoor displays that convey advertisements digitally. They can showcase high-definition graphics, texts, and videos, offering a wide range of capabilities including changing ad content. They are best suited for high traffic areas and are great for establishing brand prominence and communicating latest offers or product launches.

These are usually located in high footfall areas indoors, like malls, transit stations, airports, and commercial buildings. They offer a captive audience and are suitable for companies looking to promote targeted messages. It’s an excellent choice for product promotions, offers, or creating brand awareness amongst specific audiences.

Traditional billboards placed along highways or busy streets. This is one of the oldest and most effective forms of outdoor advertising. They’re excellent for local businesses aiming to increase their visibility among commuters, or for large brands launching new products or offers.

As the name suggests, these are ads attached to moving vehicles, often buses, trucks, or specialized ad vehicles. This format offers dynamic reach as the ad goes wherever the vehicle goes, making it great for campaigns targeting a large geographical area or for those who wish to reach local consumers in multiple neighborhoods.

  1. Pick Your Locations: Through our extensive worldwide network, you’ll need to select the country and locations where you want to display your advertisements on our interactive dashboard.
  1. Choose Your Ad Format: Next, decide what type of advertisement format suits your campaign best. You may opt for Digital Billboards, Indoor Digital, Roadside Billboards, or Moving Billboards (Vehicle Attached).
  1. Set Your Budget: Define your budget for the advertising campaign. You get to have full control over your ad expenditure.
  1. Initiate Campaign Timeframe: Select the timeframe for your campaign – when it will start, and when it will end. Your advertisements will be displayed during this specified period.
  1. Bidding System: Once you submit your campaign details, our advanced bidding system notifies our network of 132 global advertising companies about your new campaign. They then provide their proposed scheduling and budget suggestions.
  1. Optimize Your Budget: Prefer not to overspend? We’ve got you covered. Our intelligent budget optimizer tool scans all the offers and filters out any overpriced ones, ensuring your budget is used wisely and efficiently.
  1. Secure Transactions: With our escrow payment system, both the media users and companies are protected in any disputes, providing a secure environment for transactions.
  1. Go Live: Once everything is confirmed and sorted, your advertising campaign goes live on the scheduled date in the selected locations.

Our broad geo coverage, encompassing 76 key markets worldwide, ensures that your outdoor advertising campaigns have the maximum reach. Page Media strives to give your brand visibility in any corner of the world you wish to be seen.

With Page Media, you get the unique advantage of publishing advertisements globally, covering all seven continents. Whether your target audience is in high-population cities or remote corners of the world, we got you covered. The geo-locations we serve include:

North America


South America



Australia & Oceania

Our advanced bidding system takes over from there, notifying our partnering advertising companies about your new campaign. The companies then provide schedule and budget information, which is integrated into the system. Our budget optimizer tool effectively scans and discards overpriced offers, ensuring your budget is utilized optimally.

Moreover, we have escrow payments to secure dispute resolutions between media users and companies, instilling a sense of security and trust.

In essence, Page Media is your go-to platform for all outdoor global and local branding needs. We provide a streamlined, efficient, and equitable system that promotes optimal visibility and value for your brand. Page Media is committed to enhancing your brand image and providing the best possible advertisement environment.