AI Powered Website Builder

Quicksite is an innovative AI website builder that simplifies and streamlines the process of creating your own customized website.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, you no longer have to worry about the complexities of coding, website design, or hiring professional website developers to create a website. 

Quicksite takes care of everything within seconds.



Forget waiting weeks to get your website up and running. With Page Quicksite, you can enjoy a functional, aesthetically pleasing website in a matter of seconds.

No Coding

No Coding

Never written a line of code? No problem! Our intuitive platform completely eliminates the need for coding, making website creation a breeze for anyone, regardless of their technical proficiency.

Page Builder

Page Builder

 Choose a template that suits your vision, enter your business name, and let our AI handle the rest! You’ll end up with a website that’s not only tailored to your business but also aligned with your brand image and goals.

How It Works

Deploying a Brand new AI Website took only 3 steps

and entire Setup Fully Automated including Domain Purchasing and Hosting

Enter Business Name

Enter Business Name

Choose Template

Choose Template

Edit Website Details

Edit Website Details


Listed features all controllable from Page QuickSite Dashboard

Template Manager

You can select templates from Library due to relevant content wide selection of  Ready Made Wordpress Templates at your disposal.

Publish Manager

Publish Manager creates a Roadmap for publishing schedule according to the main keywords and sub-keywords reserve.

Custom Fields

You can add your Plugins , Custom HTML, CSS, Javascript, iframes and customize the website even further.

Image API

Relevant Images will be found online according to your article and added on the article.


Site`s can be deployed in any language possible also if you want to create articles with using other language as an exception you can do that to (Example: Write an article for beneficios de la dieta baja en carbohidratos)


Marketing Modules for both Advertising and Monetization can be added to the Website. Page Ads and Page Business comes default with Website.

Video API

Page VIDAi+ is also compatible with QuickBlog this means and feed you connect or entered manually Automatically turns into Videos for your Website.


Deployed Websites adjusted by theme manager for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet dimension for great dimensional orientation.


Sitemap generated and optimized for SEO also send same moment deployment is done.


The moment the new website is deployed Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and Bing Analytics will automatically add into those services.


Three security parameters Page CMS Firewall, Cloudflare, and Human verification can be added according to preferences.


Sub Categories are created automatically according to your keywords also preferred language for each keyword will be written in that language.

Page Builder

Our Page Builder takes the convenience of our AI-driven website builder a step further by empowering you with robust and user-friendly editor tools.

Understanding that each business has its unique persona and requirements, our Page Builder lets you add and adjust each element of your website according to your liking.


SEO Control

Optimize your site for search engines by tweaking page meta tags, keywords and  descriptions.

Image Carousel

Showcase your products or services in an interactive carousel format, complete with customizable transition effects.

Templates & Sections

Showcase your products or services in an interactive carousel format, complete with customizable transition effects.

Font & Style

Various ready-made templates and sections are available to streamline your designing process. Simply select and insert, then customize to fit your vision.

Merge Content

Easily add and modify text, images, buttons, and many more items without messing up your layout.


Vidai+ Integrated for Automated Video Generation for Your Website Based on Keywords you given.

Coming Soon

Drag & Drop

Simply select the elements you need (like images, text blocks, buttons, slideshows, etc.) and place them anywhere on your site with just a drag-and-drop.

Responsive Editor

Preview and edit your site for all device types (desktop, tablet, mobile) ensuring an optimal view across all platforms.

Form Builder

Easily create forms for collecting leads, running surveys, or gaining customer feedbacks directly on your site.

Embed Code

Embed external code to incorporate different functions like social media feeds, video, maps, and more.

How It Works ?

  • Your Website Integrated in Page Business
  • Categorize by Industry and Region
  • Publish in the Websites
  • Promote your Business Free
  • Get Details from your Clients
  • Send Details to you to Contact With Clients !

Page Business Comes Default with QuickSite

Instead of Spending on Digital Marketing Ads, Get Leads Directly from Relevant Business Websites.


  • No more paying for corrupted or fake leads
  • Direct leads from relevant business websites
  • 6X cheaper than traditional digital marketing ads
  • 8X higher quality leads
  • Willing clients to hire your services
  • Free promotion on thousands of websites in your area
  • Relevant leads tailored to your business needs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Detailed analytics and insights to track lead performance
  • Easy integration with
  • CRM or email marketing systems

Unified Under One Roof

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