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Page Unified Messaging API – Became Live

Hi there,

We would like to announce the Unified Messaging API became online

What does it do ?

Unified Messaging API – UMA allows you to send shout out , Bulk UNLIMITED` Messages from Whatsapp , Viber, Telegram without registering as a spam.That means you can send a million Whatsapp message to your targeted audience in a single second this is not a bot system , UMA is working directly with the messaging services.We also providing API for your integration needs.

In order to use the UMA you need the register as a company and a company documents needs to be sent Bulk marketing only allowed to appropriate materials being used.

Do i need a number for this Messages to send ?

No we are providing the numbers and the server infrastructure for you.Everything included into sending price, no extra charges being made.

I dont have the numbers to send ? or How can i check my numbers are still valid ?

No worries , you can use our number generator Also for checking the numbers are still valid you use our UMA – Validity Checker API to be sure every message is delivered.

Is there a limit and messages ?

No you can send up to 30 million messages from API in a day for every platform Whatsapp , Viber, Telegram.

What can i added those texts ?

Everything now you find it in existing messaging platforms. Image , PDF, Video , Links etc.

How can i use it ? UMA works after the aggrement first you have to apply formally and due diligence check needs to be performed , when everything set either you can use our dashboard or you can choose the API to integrate your existing service.

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